Registered Office Facility

Registered Office Facility photo

Lawrence Young can provide a registered office address for your company to which official correspondence from authorities such as Companies House and the Inland Revenue is sent. We will then either respond as necessary to the letters and/or forward them on to you.

A registered office facility can be very useful for new businesses or smaller companies, such as those being run by a sole director from home. It can help to conceal the fact that a business is only very small, especially when starting, when a search at Companies House can very quickly show that the company is registered at the director’s home address.

You need to be aware that the address can only be used for official mail only, not as a trading address or for collection and forwarding of general mail. Your stationery must not show this to be the only address for the business. An alternative trading address must also be shown. The registered office address must, however, be added to your business stationery, web site and emails.