Helping you grow

Business Growth Solutions

If you have the sort of accountant who can only help you with your Accounts & Tax Returns, let’s talk!

At Lawrence Young, we take your Business Growth seriously. We have a range of Business Growth services to suit every budget – with over 100 identified areas where we can help you with your business.

We aim to deliver tailored business advice and solutions for most of the issues that commonly prevent small business from growing to their full potential. The process starts of course with discussing the issues that your business faces and proposing an advice package which is either for a fixed fee or a regular monthly fee.

Our Business Growth Solutions service can include but is not limited to:

  • Benchmarking – Where are you in relation to your competitors?
  • One Page Plan – As it reads is what it is - A plan for your business on 1 sheet of A4!
  • 102 core areas that businesses can use to exploit growth!
  • Are you OnTrack? Our exclusive business review looking at areas for improvement - We will then sit down with you and create an action plan to implement our findings.

Looking to grow your business? Book a call with us today to discuss the areas where we can help in your business!