Suggested reading.

A classic "must read"
- Author: Michael Gerber. ISBN: 0887307280
Key thoughts from one of Britain's rising entrepreneurial stars
- Author: Julian Richer. ISBN: 0953441512
A must read for all professionals
- Author: David Maister. ISBN: 0684866250
A superb little book on customer service
- Author: Ken Blanchard. ISBN: 0006530699
Learn how and why Dyson refused to accept the self-limiting beliefs of his peers and competitors alike
- Author: James Dyson. ISBN: 1587990148
Feargal's message is "You can't do business sitting on your .....armchair!"
- Author: Feargal Quinn. ISBN: 0862782422
If you've read Ken Blanchard's "Raving Fans" book then here is the companion book on how to turn your employees into raving fans.
- Author: Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles. ISBN: 0006530680
Disney have their own way of doing things, and they only do the things that work well for them
- Author: Tom Connellan. ISBN: 1885167237
Learn how to work smarter not harder using situational leadership
- Author: Ken Blanchard et al. ISBN: 0007103417
To be successful at marketing you need to know the guidelines. These rules are fundamental to marketing
- Author: Al Ries & Jack Trout. ISBN: 0006383459
If your life is overwhelmed with problems created by other people, reading this book could change your life
- Author: Ken Blanchard et al. ISBN: 0007116985
Ron is a student of price theory. He believes that it is time we start to receive what our customers already believe that we are worth
- Author: Ron Baker. ISBN: 0156069938
Both of Peter's companies lead the UK field in corporate and personal development strategy. This book will give you some serious insights into how and why developing your communication skills is so crucial to your business
- Author: Peter Thompson. ISBN: 0684816652
Gems from the likes of Anita Rodrick, Brian Tracy and others
- Author: Lilly Walters. ISBN: 0071347070
Using the old maxim of less is more
- Author: Fergus O'Connell. ISBN: 0273654187
An amazing way to deal with change in your work and in your life
- Author: Spencer Johnson. ISBN: 0091816971
Looks at the thoughts, attitudes, and emotions, in their very different ways, experienced by men and women
- Author: Alan & Barbara Pease. ISBN: 0752846191
Learn how men and women communicate differently and how this affects their thinking
- Author: John Gray. ISBN: 072252840X