Community Support

It’s too easy to think of ourselves all the time. So we encourage clients to consider ways that can ‘give a little back’…

And we like to do this ourselves…

The Lawrence Young Foundation – Uganda

Some of our clients will remember Mahadi Ntanda, who was previously with us as Client Accounts Manager. Since leaving Lawrence Young, Mahadi has returned to Uganda and established the Lawrence Young Foundation in Katwe-Kasese Queen Elizabeth National Park. The aim of the campaign is to provide an improved education experience to orphans and vulnerable children in the society through community work participation like art and craft, music, dance and drama to eradicate neglect. The ultimate goal is to have 2000 orphans and vulnerable children back to school by 2024 because they will have all the structures and facilities to help them change their lives cognitively, social emotion and physically. (

The School of Hope – Guatemala

Through the Education for the Children Foundation ( Lawrence Young Ltd supports The School of Hope in Guatemala. This was set up in 2003 with the stated aims to advance the education of children in Central America by the provision of schools, school equipment and teaching personnel, and to relieve the poverty and sickness of children who are educated by the foundation, together with their families, by the provision of shelter, amenities, facilities and equipment, in any such charitable way as the charity trustees determine.


The world has many charities looking for support. Our preference is to support some of the smaller ones which don’t normally get publicity. We’ve found that the best way to do this is through an organisation called ‘Buy 1 Give 1’ ( This organisation brings together hundreds of small charities in need and publicises the most worthy. We can then select those we feel we – and our clients – would most like to support.

The United Nations Global Goals

As well as B1G1, we also support the United Nations Global Goals ( We feel that here in the UK, we are very privileged to have clean water at our fingertips and clean amenities to just freshen up. There are many countries in the world who aren't as lucky as us.

Basingstoke Town Community Football Club


Lawrence Young is a proud sponsor of our local football team, Basingstoke Town Community Football Club (

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the club go through a huge transition period changing ownership from Basingstoke Town Ltd to a ‘Community owned’ club, Basingstoke Town Community Football Club - owned by the supporters! You’ve probably watched a few Premier League matches, but now you can become part of the community club and support your local team by registering for membership here: