Financial Director service

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Many small businesses don't have the luxury of a full-time financial director. One of the special services we're happy to offer is the availability of an 'FD' when you do need one. Obviously this can be on a one-off basis (eg when you're looking at getting extra funding from a bank, the DTI or a venture capitalist), but we know from experience that the contribution a Financial Director can make will be maximised if there's an on-going relationship with the FD knowing your business at a reasonably in-depth level. (For this reason, those with FD commitments to clients will have a restricted number of such clients to make sure that they can properly get to know the businesses concerned and make valid and valuable bottom line contributions).

If you're interested in this aspect of our service portfolio, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation discussion.

Taking this a stage further, we can also provide, where appropriate, coaching and mentoring assistance to the management and staff. Some have found this non-accounting aspect of our work to be most effective for them.